It’s a nice place to share

This is a nice place for me to put down my ideas and projects and share the photographs I’ve taken. I enjoy sharing these things and hope that they may inspire someone to do something fun and creative and meaningful. The kinds of things I enjoy are “lifestyle”-oriented, I suppose — cooking, baking, enhancing and improving my home and my yard. I love getting great photos of these things, plus I love taking photos of people and places. I hope to share the things that matter to me — my home projects, adventures in my kitchen, great restaurants, travel, things relating to my interests in the arts — music, art, dance, theater — and community events in Peachtree Corners and metro Atlanta. I also occasionally enjoy a great Atlanta United soccer match!

I’m posting these things publicly because I want to stay motivated with my creative projects and a website allows me to record and share my projects — be accountable — while keeping up with the amazing technology of our world. Websites are such fun places to visit. It will be awesome be part of a bigger, diverse community!   

I am entering a transition period of my life. My youngest son is heading to college this fall, August 2021. I decided last year that I needed a new focus in my life. After spending the last 26 years taking care of my children, I am ready to look outward now and see where my abilities and talents can lead me. My husband and I homeschooled our children throughout their lives (they are 25, 22, and 17 at this writing). I learned a great deal over those years: I learned about the fulfillment of putting others first, I learned how to search for what you need, and how to create what you couldn’t find. I know now that I am a great facilitator and manager — and also that I will always love reading — fiction, non-fiction, and storybooks and picture books — and that our relationships with the arts can make a difference in how we get through life. I learned all about having authentic gratitude for the people I love and the life I live.

Last year, at 53 and on the cusp of an Empty Nest, I decided to pursue a real estate license — did my brain still work for my OWN education?? It turns out that my brain does, in fact, still work — I got my license, a dear friend connected me with her broker at Harry Norman, Realtors, and suddenly I am a Real Estate Agent! A Realtor, to be exact. So through my training and acclimation to this new world I found out that a blog is a great place to showcase my interests and add value to other people’s lives at the same time. I hope I can connect with people through this blog and through Harry Norman, Realtors. I am excited about entering a new career and creating new relationships. And I am feeling a heap of gratitude for my family and my longtime friends who have encouraged me along. 

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